We’re having a bake sale.
Our goal is to raise funds for our startup by selling Dutch cookies and travel vouchers.

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First things first...

How it all started

We’ve traveled the globe and our transformative stay with a local in Brazil sparked the idea for MeetJune. We realized that connecting with people and experiencing genuine culture are the most rewarding parts of travel. We envisioned that technology could be used to help make this connection … and MeetJune was born.

So what's MeetJune all about?

MeetJune democratizes travel by allowing travelers and hosts to connect in meaningful ways via unique local travel experiences. Whether it’s a delicious 3-course dinner in the heart of the Jordaan neighbourhood in Amsterdam or a market stroll through Barcelona’s La Boqueria, MeetJune opens doors to unforgettable travel experiences.

Why are you doing a bake sake?

Since we’re a startup and have friends and family all over the world, we thought that we’d do it digitally instead of setting up stands all over the world. As a Dutch-based startup, we thought it'd be cool to tap into our roots and offer a delicious classic Dutch cookie: the stroopwafel.

What is a stroopwafel?

Meet some of our hosts


So, what are we raising money for?

In 2018 we'll head into a new round of funding and aim to have some extra funds to help see us through until then. Here’s a rough breakdown of how we’ll utilize the funds we raise:

Things we won’t spend money on:

Fancy, shiny things to put on our desks
Selfie drones
Charles, a gourmet juice barman
In short ...not on frivolous stuff

Things we will spend money on:

Keeping the lights on, administrative expenses
Hosting / Infrastructure Costs
Advertising and marketing costs
Basically, on 'the bare essentials'

What’s in it for me?

...you mean apart from the satisfaction of helping two hard-working guys who need a bit of extra help to make their vision a success?

Vouchers + Cookies

You can use a 'travel voucher' to book significantly discounted experiences on our site. An 'experience' is a unique activity organized by a passionate local host.

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For those who are interested in more substantial contributions, we are offering a limited, early-access equity in our company.

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So, what do you say?

Your pack of delicious stroopwafels are only a few clicks away!

So far, our bake sale's raised 550

10 Dutch stroopwafel cookies

10 Travel voucher + 10 Dutch stroopwafel cookies

I’m feeling like an altruistic rockstar and only want to help out

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We're currently offering a limited amount of early-access equity before we move into our next round of funding.

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