How do I cancel my reservation?

If this is the case please know that both our Customer Service team and your host are able to alter the details of your reservation for you. Allowing you to avoid the cancellation altogether if you prefer. Perhaps you need to change the date, time or number of people attending? We strongly encourage you to message your host via our message service to discuss options before canceling a reservation.

You can cancel your reservation directly within your dashboard. Upon logging in, your experience reservations should be displayed. Here you can just click the ‘cancel’ button for the corresponding experience. The host will be notified of the cancellation the moment it is processed.

Once you cancel, the reservation should change to ‘Cancelled’ on your dashboard. If it has not, then the reservation has not been officially cancelled in our system; it is still considered active and you won't receive a refund. Any refunds due will be automatically credited to you after the formal cancellation, any additional refunds are at the discretion of the host.

If your cancellation is eligible for a refund we will automatically do so via the same payment method with which you originally paid. Please note that this will only happen once you have carried out a formal cancellation via our system.

Please note that MeetJune will keep the guest service fee when making a refund to cover the costs of the refund.

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