How does support tickets work?

Why do you have support tickets?

The support ticket system is MeetJune’s way of tracking any issues relating to our platform. With this system we can more quickly, easily and securely communicate with you. Support tickets will generally be answered more quickly than emails.

What to do before submitting a ticket?

Before submitting a ticket we highly recommend that you visit our Help Center to make sure the issue isn’t already answered.

What kind of issues can you help me with?

You can use the support tickets to let us know about problems you have in the following areas:

  1. Trust & Safety
  2. Reporting Users
  3. Reporting Experiences
  4. Technical Issues
  5. Hosting
  6. Booking

How to create a ticket?

  1. Ticket Subject - Select one of the issues in the dropdown menu
  2. Ticket Title - Input a brief description of the issue. Please keep the title under 42 characters so that it will fit the text box
  3. Ticket Message

Give us as much information you can about your issue, so we don’t have to send back questions. Know we are here to help you. We want to resolve your issue, and we want happy MeetJune users. Work with us so we can help you the best way possible.

  1. Press ‘Submit Ticket’. An email with a summary of the ticket info will be sent to our support staff.

I've sent my ticket, what's next?

Once you’ve successfully sent your ticket it will appear at the Help Center under My Tickets. You can click on a ticket to see the details, read messages from our support staff, and reply to support messages. Our support staff will answer tickets in the order they are received.

When can I expect my ticket to be answered?

We work Monday to Sunday, from 8AM to 6PM Central European Time.

If you have not heard back from our support staff within a day, it’s likely that we’re still investigating the issue to come up with the right solution. We appreciate your patience.

Ticket Status

The status of a ticket can be found at the Help Center under My Tickets.

  • New: Your ticket has been received and is waiting in line to be answered by our support staff
  • Answered: Our support staff answered your ticket and is waiting for your reply
  • Closed: The issue has been resolved

* Please do not write in more than one time for each issue or this will add time to the queue and bump your request down in priority sequence.

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