How do I create an appealing experience?

Below we outline how to create an appealing experience:

We strongly advise you to come up with an appealing and complete description and some great photos. When your experience is ready you can submit it to our website so that it will become visible for travelers from around the world.

Below we outline where to find and how to create an experience:

  1. Login to your account via social media or email + password (this depends if you used social media or email to sign up)
  2. In the header of each page you will find a button that says ‘Create an Experience’. When you click on this button you can start creating your experience
  3. The step-by-step process to create an experience is divided into:

Basics - Here you can set:

  • Experience title. Remember that one of the first things that travelers see when they visit the site is the title of your experience, so the title must be attractive, concise (max. 6 words) and designed to convince the traveler that your experience is the one for them.
  • Experience description. The description is an important element of your listing as well and it has to be done right. You should try to avoid grammatical errors or typos, write clearly and make sure the experience sounds attractive to the traveler, encouraging them to book your experience.
  • Set whether your experience is visible or not. Only visible experiences can be booked.
  • A traveler can pick his preferred experience type based on his interest. The logic behind it is that when you visit a city you want to do something based on your interest. If you’re into food, you book yourself an experience that focuses on food, if you’re into art you book yourself a tour that focuses on art and so on. It’s therefore important that you select the category that corresponds to your experience:
  • Arts - Entertainment
  • Fashion - Food & Drink
  • History - Lifestyle
  • Music - Nature
  • Social - Impact Sports
  • Technology - Wellness
  • The price you charge for your experience is completely up to you. If you want to set the right price for your experience, the first thing you should do is take a look around on our site to see what others offer and charge. As well you can think of:
  • The costs of the experience: food, transportation or any other extras can be built in to the price
  • Your time. How much is your time worth?

Keep in mind that there are fellow hosts that can offer the same type of experience as the one you are offering. Therefore, price competition between hosts within one category is likely to happen as we are an open community. It`s therefore best to start off with an introductory price that is competitive so you can get bookings and reviews and that allows you to get a steady stream of guests. Then you will be in the position to raise your price.

  • Best for. If your experience is best suited for certain types of travelers please tick all the boxes that apply.
  • Here you specify which languages you use for your experience. If you leave this empty the default language(s) that you’ve set on your profile will be used. Please select all that apply.
  • Don’t forget to click on ‘Update Basics’ so that your information is saved.

Booking Settings

Here you can set ‘Instant Booking’ or Require Confirmation’.

Instant Booking listings don't require your approval before they can be booked. If you have Instant Booking on, it will apply to all available dates on your calendar. Travelers will be able to automatically book your experience.

The benefits of Instant Booking include:

  1. Convenience: Receive bookings instead of having to respond to each request.
  2. More traveler interest: Travelers can use filters to search for listings that can be booked instantly. Instant Booking listings are more popular with travelers since they’re able to more easily plan their trip.
  3. Search results: Instant Booking positively affects your response rate for your listing, which can improve your listing’s placement in the search results.

Require Confirmation. With this option you need to confirm each travelers reservation.

  • Experience Duration. This sets the duration of the experience in minutes, hours or days.
  • Buffer period. Here you can set the buffer period between your experiences.
  • Min./Max persons. Here you can set the minimum/maximum of travelers that can participate in your experience.
  • We will auto-detect your current timezone to set for your experience, unless you want to set it manually. Setting a timezone makes sure that travelers from around the world can correctly sync their calendars.
  • Don’t forget to click on ‘Update Booking Settings’ so that your information is saved.  


These settings control the geographic location of your experience. Please use the box above the map to fill in the street name and house number, city and country where you’re hosting your experience. Then you can set (if applicable) a meeting point. We will not show your exact address in listings or results and will only send it when a traveler books your experience.

Meeting point

If the address where the experience takes places is a bit harder to find or located in the suburbs of the city you selected on the map, we advise you to set a meeting point where you can/will meet the traveler(s) to guide them to the address where the experience takes place. Make sure you pick a distinctive meeting point and if possible an address. Don’t forget to click on ‘Update Location’ so that your information is saved.

Appearance - These settings control how your experience looks with photos etc.

How to manage your images?

You can upload 3 different kind of images when creating or editing your experience or profile:

  • Avatar - Set an image to represent yourself. This image will be cropped automatically but for best results, your image should be 250(w) x 250 (h) px.
  • Listing Image - This image will be used in search results and listings. For best results this image should be 600(w) x 400(h) px.
  • Cover Style - A cover area is the photo block at the top of your experience, above your profile picture and basic info. You can choose between an 'Image' (one image) or a 'Carousel' (multiple images). If you choose ‘Carousel’ please upload at least five images. For best results, your images should be 760(w) x 560(h) px. If you choose ‘Image’ please upload 1 image. For best results, your image should be 1600(w) x 600(h) px.

Below we outline the step by step process to upload images:

  • Click on ‘Add Image’
  • Click on ‘Upload Files’
  • Click on ‘Select Files’
  • Then you need to search for the right images on your computer, select them and click on ‘Open or Add’

The selected images now appear in your media library, from here you can select the ones you would like to upload to your profile. As well can decide to delete certain images. To do this you select the image you would like to delete and then on the right side the image details are shown. Now you click on ‘Delete Permanently’.

Don’t forget to click on ‘Update Appearance’ so that your information is saved.


In order to set the dates on which you want to organize your experience you need to drag and drop the green availability block onto the calendar to set the availability for a particular day and time. Easiest way to do this is to select ‘Week’ and then drag the green availability block to the right day and time. The duration of the experience will automatically be set and all dates are automatically saved. If you want to delete a scheduled experience you just drag the green availability block of that specific day to the trash bin.

You can also receive a request from a traveler to offer your experience on a specific date. You can easily discuss this through the message service. If you have agreed upon the date and time, you can simply add the event to your calendar and notify the traveler that the experience is ready to be booked.

Now that you’ve completed all 4 steps your experience will become visible and will show up in the search results. Good luck hosting!

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