How do reviews work?

All the reviews on MeetJune are written by travelers from our community, so any review you see is based on a completed experience. Starting 24 hours after a reservation has ended, travelers can leave a review and rating of their host and the general experience.

These reviews will then appear on the host’s profiles. MeetJune’s reviews work in a similar way as other sites: users who have placed a reservation through the site write reviews to inform other members of the community about their experience.

Reviews are one of the main means to promote trust and safety. It’s the best way to earn a good reputation at MeetJune and to let the community know your opinion on a specific experience and on the host who organized it.

In addition to written reviews, the travelers who attend an experience can submit a star rating. The number of stars displayed on a listing page is an aggregate of the scores that different hosts have given for that listing.

Our community relies on honest, transparent reviews. We will remove or alter a review if we find that it violates our review guidelines.

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