What is the difference between instant booking and require confirmation?

Instant Book listings don't require approval from the host before they can be booked. Instead, travelers can just choose their travel dates, book, and discuss check-in plans with the host.

If you have instant booking on, it will apply to all available dates on your calendar. Travelers who meet your requirements will be able to automatically book your experience.

The benefits of instant booking include:

  1. Convenience - Book travelers without having to respond to each request.
  2. More traveler interest - Travelers can use filters to search for listings that can be booked instantly. Instant Book listings are more popular with travelers since they’re able to more easily plan their trip.
  3. Search placement: Instant Book positively affects your response rate for your listing, which can improve your listing’s placement in search results.

With require confirmation you need to confirm each travelers reservation request.

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