Is MeetJune safe?

Our main priority is the safety of our community and because of this, we do everything within our power to prevent travelers and hosts from having bad experiences.

The users of MeetJune provide and partake in experiences throughout the world. The large majority of our experiences are positive, safe and reach the standard expected of our community. Still, incidents and bad experiences are a possibility, and for this we provide a strong customer service team to help with everything you need.

Below we outline what we do to secure the safety and trust of our platform: 

Verified ID                                                      

Hosts and travelers verify their IDs by connecting to Facebook or Google or confirming personal details.

Profile & Reviews                                         

Get to know the host or traveler through his profile and possible reviews.                            


Use our private messaging service to learn more about a host or traveler.

Secure Payment                             

Paying for your experience on MeetJune is easy, just use our secure and seamless payment system.

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