The experience I want to book doesn’t have availability, what do I do?

When an experience doesn’t have availability on a specific date you can send the host a request for availability. In order to request availability you:

  1. You go to the experience page of the host
  2. You hit the yellow ‘Request Availability’ button
  3. You select the date on which you want to book the experience
  4. You fill in your full name and email address
  5. And you leave a message in which you inform the host about the details of your request such as the preferred time on which the experience should take place and the amount of people that will participate in the experience
  6. You then click on ‘Send Request’

We'll send your request along to the host. The host will then have an opportunity to respond and/or add your requested date to his calendar so that you can book the experience. You will be notified via ‘Notifications’ and email as soon as a host replied to your request.

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