How do host trust badges work?

In order to maintain a safe and trustworthy community, we offer different 'badges' for hosts based on different achievements. These achievements are based on a variety of factors that reflect how responsible and motivated a host is, which is an important factor for travelers who are deciding to book an experience.

Below we outline and explain the various host trust badges on MeetJune:


Everybody starts as a normal 'Host'.

Verified Host

You will become a 'Verified Host' when:

  1. You complete an onboarding call
  2. You provide a phone number and email address
  3. Your experience shows the basics:
  • An avatar (profile picture)
  • An appealing listing image of your experience
  • Appealing and high quality carousel images
  • A clear and appealing description of the experience
  • Available dates on which you offer your experience

We only publish your experience when you completed an onboarding call and when your profile shows the basics.  

Verified hosts are rewarded with a ‘Verified badge’ on their experience page. This badge will be visible when travelers visit your experience page and it will benefit your credibility as a MeetJune host and the amount of reservation requests you will receive.

Super Host

This proud moment of becoming a MeetJune  Super Host is based on how well you present yourself to the MeetJune community. You need to complete 4 steps to become a Super Host:

  1. Verified Host
    The first step to become a SuperHost is to be a 'Verified Host'
  2. Hosting Experience
    As a SuperHost you have hosted 12 experiences within the last year
  3. High Response Rate
    SuperHosts remain a 90% response rate or higher by responding to travelers quickly
  4. 5-Star Reviews
    At least 80% of your reviews need to be 5 stars

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