How to edit my profile?

You can edit information that appears on your MeetJune profile, such as your avatar, about yourself, your cover photo etc.

Below we outline where to find and how edit profile works:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on your profile name or profile picture in the top-right corner. In the menu that unfolds you click on Dashboard
  3. In the left column you see Edit Profile. When you click on it you’re able to edit your profile:
  • Upload a clear picture of yourself. Your profile picture is an important way for travelers to get to know you before booking your experience.
  • Profile Visibility. The visibility settings allow you to decide where and when users can view your MeetJune profile. When you change your visibility settings it can take up to one day for the change to be viewable on MeetJune and several days for the change to take effect with search engines.

Choose a visibility option:

Public - Your profile will be visible to the entire internet and it’s also visible to search engines. Use this option if you want anyone with internet access to be able to view your MeetJune profile.

Logged-in Users Only - Only logged-in MeetJune users can find your profile but it’s hidden from search engines.

  1. About Yourself. Make sure you mention everything about yourself that might be of interest for the traveler but keep it short and simple.
  2. Profile URL. This Profile URL serves as the web address of your profile page and can be shared and bookmarked by other users. Having a URL with your name or what you offer will bring you more bookings.

There are several reasons to create a Profile URL. One is for search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines use keywords within a URL in helping it decide what to deliver in search results. Another reason is ease of use and recognition.

You are allowed to change your Profile URL up to 3 times in a 180-day period; however, this is not advised. First, changing your URL means you have to update everywhere you used the old URL. People with the old URL will have difficulty finding you. Finally, after 180 days, someone else can use your old URL, which could potentially lead your clients and customers to the other host.

  1. Languages Supported. Here you can select your spoken languages.
  2. Cover Photo. This will set the main image that will appear on your profile. Be sure to use a professional, eye-catching image. For the best results, your image should be 1600(h) x 600(h) pixels.
  3. Add some images that showcase you, your lifestyle, interests, or location to your profile's gallery. For best results images should be 960(h) X 720(h) pixels. You can drag the rows below to reorder your images. Max. 24 photos.
  4. Don’t forget to click on the Update Profile Appearance button in order to save the changes.

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