Tango En Barcelona - Explore The Secret Of The Tango Embrace

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3  hour(s)
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Everybody heard somehow about Tango, the image of nice dressed dancers with a rose in the mouth is everywhere known. And I often hear, wow! “Tango this sensual dance…I would like to learn to dance this dance.”

But what is really behind the word Tango? Dive in with us into the underground scene of Tango in Barcelona. And explore the most beautiful Embrace – the reason why most of people dance Tango. We will talk about the history of Tango and why it is addictive!

You will start to make your first tango steps and to learn how to communicate through a wonderful embrace to your partner in a group tango class.

After the class we will join the Milonga (place were tango dancers meet to dance tango as social dance) for you to get a feeling how it is to dance tango for social dance.

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